MISS CANADA CHARITY is a title created by Miss Canada Globe Productions for the Miss Canada Globe and Miss Canada Petite Regional Title Holders (National Delegates) to inspire them in continuing on with their responsibilities as a Regional Title Holder after the National Pageant by being involved in their community and promoting their platorm. The selection is based on the work of each Regional Title Holder for one year during their reign and the Regional Title Holder who had done the most for their community and platform will carry the title of Miss Canada Charity.

As Miss Canada Charity, she will reign for a year and travel across Canada to assist other charities by helping them raise funds and bring public awareness to their causes.
Miss Canada Charity represents Canada in an international competition that has a charity component to it.

Miss Canada Charity Winner

Heidi Zaker, Miss Canada Charity 2016/17
(Miss Petite Toronto 2015/16)

Royal Court:

1st Princess: Kristie Kennedy
(Miss Northern Ontario- Globe 2015/16)

2nd Princess: Kaitlyn Miron
(Miss Petite Northern Ontario 2015/16)

3rd Princess: TBA

4th Princess: Glenda Keating
(Miss Saskatchewan- Globe 2016/17)
(Appointed to the position)

Miss Canada Charity Former Title Holders:

Kennedy Brideau, Miss Canada Charity 2015/16
(Miss Petite New Brunswick 2014/15)
-Winner of Miss Petite Beauty International 2016

Priya Sundarraj, Miss Canada Charity 2015/16
(Miss Petite York Region 2014/15)
-Placed 2nd Runner- Up at Miss Petite World 2016

Jennifer Perin, Miss Canada Charity 2013/ 2014
(Miss Petite Yukon Territory 2012)
-Winner of Miss Petite Tourism Intercontinental 2016
-Winner of Miss Face of Petite World 2015
-Placed 1st Runner- Up at Miss Petite Beauty International 2014

Jennifer Fidyk, Miss Canada Charity 2012/2013
(Miss Teen Central Alberta- Globe 2012)

Danielle Miotto, Miss Canada Charity 2010/ 2011
(Miss Petite Southern Ontario 2009)
(Top 6 finalist at Miss Commonwealth International 2010 Pageant)


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