MCGP CANADIAN SCHOLARSHIP AMBASSADOR is a title created by Miss Canada Globe Productions created for Miss Canada Globe and Miss Canada Petite Delegates in order to inspire them to promote the importance of education to youth in our community.

MCGP Canadian Scholarship Ambassador title holder travels to schools around the country to promote the importrance of education, do fundraisings to help raise money for books, student aids and student mentoring programs.

MCGP Canadian Scholarship Ambassador receives a scholarship grant from the Miss Canada Globe Productions and represents Canada in a major scholarship international pageant.

MCGP Canadian Scholarship Ambassador Winner:
Jessica Danielle Boone, MCGP Canadian Scholarship Ambassador 2013/2014
(Miss Petite New Brunswick 2013)

Jessica was born in a small town called Woodstock in New Brunswick. She had moved to Saint John New Brunswick at age six when her younger sister, Santana Storm Boone, became ill with Cancer. She was fortunate enough to attend school with her sister for her remaining years thanks to the Saint John hospital and The Children’s make a Wish Foundation. While coaching gymnastics for the Fundy Gym, she graduated high school in 2011 from KVHS. Jessica is the first in her family to attend University and is now in her second year at UNBSJ where she studies psychology for her Bachelor of Arts degree. Her future goals entail becoming an educator and making a difference.

In the past year, Jessica has been involved in a vast amount of charity organizations and volunteer work involving: The United Way, Cherry Brook Zoo, Animal Rescue League, Big Diaper Dads, Red Cross, and Environmental cleanup groups. Some of her main priorities are cleaning the environment and helping animals as she is a strong supporter of the SSP Program. Her accomplishments include winning her heat in the Woodstock Demolition Derby, Miss New Brunswick, and her scholarships for school. Sponsors include Blair Construction, Bestway transport, and the local band The Buck Dandies. Jessica herself is also a sponsor to the “Because I am a girl” organization.

Jessica is currently employed fulltime by the Aboriginal Peoples Council for maintaining the native garden and educating people about the medicine wheel and natural remedies. Besides volunteer work, Jessica enjoys painting, music, gymnastics, and nature trails with her fourteen year old husky/wolf puppy, Lushes. From this year’s pageant she hopes to gain confidence and knowledge of her capabilities. Jessica Danielle Boone does what she can to promote green peace and work towards a better and cleaner world.

Past Title Holders:

Aleca Antonakis, MCGP Canadian Scholarship Ambassador 2012/ 2013
(Miss Petite Western Manitoba 2012)

Carrissa Lowhorn, MCGP Canadian Scholarship Ambassador 2011/2012
(Miss Southern Alberta- Globe 2011)

Pauline Lucas, MCGP Canadian Scholarship Ambassador 2010/ 2011
(Miss Petite Quebec 2010)
NOTE: Top 10 semifinalist and Miss Friendship winner at the 2011 Miss Freedom of the World Pageant.

Luba Czech, MCGP Canadian Scholarship Ambassador 2009/ 2010
(Miss Ontario- Globe 2009)

Kristine Di Carlo, MCGP Canadian Scholarship Ambassador 2008/ 2009
(Miss Caledon County- Globe 2008)

Nina Guegen, MCGP Canadian Scholarship Ambassador 2007/ 2008
(Miss Saskatchewan- Globe 2007)

Amy Hu, MCGP Canadian Scholarship Ambassador 2006/ 2007
(Miss Teen Eastern Ontario- Globe 2006)
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