MCGP YOUNG CANADIAN ACHIEVER Title is an award created by the Miss Canada Globe Productions for all Miss Teen Canada Globe Delegates in order to inspire them in being involved in the community as a role model and assist the community in any way possible.

MCGP Young Canadian Achiever performs a platform to promote community involvement, educational excellence and being a role model for the youth in the community.

MCGP YOUNG CANADIAN ACHIEVER is a national ambassador and receives a scholarship grant from the Miss Canada Globe Productions.

MCGP Young Canadian Achiever Winner:

Keesha Mah, MCGP Young Canadian Achiever 2015/ 16
(Miss Teen Western Alberta- Globe 2014/ 2015)


Keesha was born in Red Deer, Alberta and currently lives in Beaverlodge, Alberta with her mother and two sisters. She attends the only high school in the area, Beaverlodge Regional High School where she is an honor student. Keesha is Chinese, Metis, Ukrainian and several more nationalities.

Keesha enjoys water-colour painting, drawing, reading, hip-hop dancing and always had a passion for video games. She plans to pursue her dreams and become a video game developer/designer by attending post-secondary school in Vancouver BC or Calgary AB. Hopefully, she can move into animation, and maybe work for a big name company such as Disney or Dreamworks. Keesha also loves movies and is fascinated by great stories and imagery in theatre. She hopes one day to be part of a magnificent film and its creation. 

Keesha loves comedy, as she grew up on movies where she developed a humor that probably only she would laugh at. She often uses sarcasm as a second language and quotes pop culture that no one ever understands. Keesha thinks that the cure to sadness is laughter and so, even if she is only one doing so, she will continue to laugh. Perhaps one day her laughter could cause a difference in the world that could make it just that much better.         

Past Title Holders:

Elizabeth Lopez, MCGP Young Canadian Achiever 2011/ 2012
(Miss Teen Peel Region- Globe 2011)

Sheryll Venzon, MCGP Young Canadian Achiever 2010/ 2011
(Miss Teen Toronto- Globe 2010) (Semifinalist, World Tropic Queen 2011 Pageant in Bogota, Colombia)

Roxanne Rellin, MCGP Young Canadian Achiever 2009/ 2010
(Miss Teen Toronto- Globe 2009)

Meaganne Martel, MCGP Young Canadian Achiver 2008/ 2009
(Miss Teen British Columbia- Globe 2008)

Lindy Wilde, MCGP Young Canadian Achiever 2007/ 2008
(Miss Teen Edmonton Region- Globe 2007)


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