MCGP YOUNG CANADIAN ACHIEVER Title is an award created by the Miss Canada Globe Productions for all Miss Teen Canada Globe Delegates in order to inspire them in being involved in the community as a role model and assist the community in any way possible.

MCGP Young Canadian Achiever performs a platform to promote community involvement, educational excellence and being a role model for the youth in the community.

MCGP YOUNG CANADIAN ACHIEVER is a national ambassador and receives a scholarship grant from the Miss Canada Globe Productions.

MCGP Young Canadian Achiever Winner:

Kayla Farr, MCGP Young Canadian Achiever 2013/ 2014
(Miss Teen Enniskillen- Globe 2013)

Kayla was born in Sarnia, Ontario. She is now 17 years old and resides in Wilkesport, Ontario. Kayla has the special talents and skills of horseback riding and dancing. during her free time, she enjoys swimming, fitness, photography, modelling and riding horses. She is an animal lover, likes to get involve in charity organizations, and she is a very well rounded person. Kayla received the General Proficiency Award in both grade 9 and 10. She joined Miss Canada Globe Productions to gather experience meet wonderful people to help her come out of her shell. Kayla’s inspirations are her friends and family. Her goal is to finish school to be successful in life.

Past Title Holders:

Elizabeth Lopez, MCGP Young Canadian Achiever 2011/ 2012
(Miss Teen Peel Region- Globe 2011)

Sheryll Venzon, MCGP Young Canadian Achiever 2010/ 2011
(Miss Teen Toronto- Globe 2010) (Semifinalist, World Tropic Queen 2011 Pageant in Bogota, Colombia)

Roxanne Rellin, MCGP Young Canadian Achiever 2009/ 2010
(Miss Teen Toronto- Globe 2009)

Meaganne Martel, MCGP Young Canadian Achiver 2008/ 2009
(Miss Teen British Columbia- Globe 2008)

Lindy Wilde, MCGP Young Canadian Achiever 2007/ 2008
(Miss Teen Edmonton Region- Globe 2007)

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