History of MCGP



Miss Canada Globe Productions was founded in May 2000. We have been acclaiming women to represent Canada at various International Pageants; Miss Globe, Miss Petite International and Miss Teen Worlwide. We are managed by a board of directors, headed by its national executive committee. We provide young ladies with an opportunity to make their mark in today’s society.


Our founders, envisioned a national pageant that would restore the glory of pageants in Canada but would have a modern concept that has never been demonstrated before! Our vision is to recreate the glamour of pageants with a stronger focus on education and equality. Our  pageant titleholder can be anyone and is not limited to a specific height or cultural background. We provide equal opportunity for all. You will gain the confidence and poise that can be applied to your personal lives and careers in order to advance in today’s competitive society.


To provide assistance to charities and non-profit organizations. To help raise funds and bring public awareness to their charitable causes. Promote multiculturalism, special events and non profit fundraisers throughout Canada. Be a symbol of today’s modern woman!



Miss Canada Globe Productions primary mandate is to promote inner beauty and confidence, as well as to provide Canadian women with opportunities to compete for a national title regardless of their height, size or creed. Our titleholders and runners-up will advance to International Pageants.  Miss Canada Globe will provide Canadian women with personal growth, valuable experiences, and a chance to make a difference in the world.  Our Title Holders are ambassadors and a role models for her Canadian community, appearing to assist  local charities, non-profit fundraisers, being  role models for today's youth and visiting the sick. She will  touch the lives of those around her.  Miss Canada Globe Titleholders are Canada’s Sweethearts! 


  • To promote the young women insuring everyone is represented by creed and race.
  • To bring out the best a woman can be and to be an ambassador.
  • To help those in need and to be a voice for the cause she believes in.
  • To be a role model for the country and all the citizens it serves.
  • To give something back in the community, because she cares!
  • To promote beauty in all aspects, because real beauty comes from within!



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