Miss Teen Canada Petite is the National Preliminary to the Miss Teen Universal Petite Pageant. The winner represents Canada at the Miss Teen Univeral Petite Pageant.


Alycia Blais, Miss Teen Canada Petite 2020/21
- Will represent Canada at Miss Teen Petite International 2021 Pageant and Miss Teen Universal Petite 2022 Pageant.
(Miss Teen Southern Quebec Globe 2020/21)

May be an image of 1 person, sitting and standing

Other National Title Holders:

Shelby Apola, Miss Teen Canadian Petite MesoAmerica 2020/21
- Official Canadian Representative to Miss Teen Petite MesoAmerica 2021 Pageant
(Miss Teen Central Ontario Globe 2020/21)
May be an image of 1 person, sitting and standing

PAST Title Holders:

Alexa Gabriel, Miss Teen Canadian Petite International 2020
-Will represent Canada at the Miss Petite International 2020 Pageant
(Miss Teen Alberta- Globe 2019/20)

Ayden Kosko, Miss Teen Canada Petite 2018/19
"Miss Teen Universal Petite Canada 2019"
(Miss Teen Alberta- Globe 2018)
-Represented Canada Miss Teen Universal Petite 2019 Pageant.
(Legacy Queen est 2020)

Ansha Joy Hipolito, Miss Teen Canada Globe 2017/18
"Miss Teen Universal Petite Canada 2018"
- Represented Canada at the 2018 Miss Teen Universal Petite, placing 1st Runner- Up.
(Miss Teen Ontario- Globe 2017)
(Legacy Queen est 2020)

Ugshana Augustine, Miss Teen Canada Petite 2016/17
"Miss Teen Universal Petite Canada 2017"
(Miss Teen Central Ontario- Globe 2016/17)
-Represented Canada at the 2017 Teen Universal Petite 2017 Pageant, placing 2nd Runner- Up.

-Represented Canada at Miss Teen Petite Beauty International 2017 winning Miss Dark Beauty International 2017.

Arshpreet Chahal, Miss Teen Canada Petite 2015/16
(Miss Teen Southern B.C.- Globe 2015/16)

Represented Canada at the 2017 Miss Teen Petite International Pageant in El Salvador, placing 1st Runner- Up.

Azra Sjlivar, Miss Teen Canada Petite 2014/ 2015
(Miss Teen York Region- Globe 2014)
-Placed 1st Runner- Up, Miss Teen Universal Petite 2016

Veronika Medeiros, Miss Teen Canada Petite 2013/ 2014
(Miss Teen Central Ontario- Globe 2013)
-Placed 3rd Runner- Up, Miss Teen Universal Petite 2015

Natalie Zachary, Miss Teen Canada Petite 2012/ 2013
(Miss Teen British Columbia- Globe 2012)
-Placed 1st Runner- Up, Miss Teen Universal Petite 2014 (MCGP Legacy Queen est 2015)

Nicolle Laviolette, Miss Teen Canada Petite 2011/ 2012
(Miss Teen York Region- Globe 2011)
-Winner of Miss Teen Universal Petite 2013 (MCGP Legacy Queen est 2015)

Chanel Lynn Halleran, Miss Teen Canada Petite 2010/ 2011
(Miss Teen Mississauga- Globe 2010)

Celeste Borghese, Miss Teen Canada Petite 2009/ 2010
(Miss Teen Vaughan- Globe 2009)

Selina Mendez, Miss Teen Canada Petite 2008/ 2009
(Miss Teen District of North Whitby- Globe 2008)

Rebecca Fenech, Miss Teen Canada Petite 2007/ 2008
(Miss Teen Port Perry- Globe 2007)

Priscilla Madil, Miss Teen Canada Petite 2006/ 2007
(Miss Teen Southern Ontario- Globe 2006)
* Winner, Miss Teen Petite International 2007

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