Abissheka Lloydson, Miss Teen Canada Globe 2013/ 2014
(Miss Teen Ontario- Globe 2013/ 2014


Art forms and amazing talents together are immeasurably a rich formula and celebration in our human journey. They are both, inborn and acquired through dedication and discipline. That means, whether learning traditional dance at a tender age of 3 from the renowned guru Smt. Shanta Pondurrai, or moving into getting trained in Carnatic vocal from Smt. Kulanayaki Vivekanthan, or violin from Smt. Thana Devi Midradeva; all these were part of the blossoming of dedication and showcase of talent of one individual – she is Abissheka – a Grade 11 student from Bro. Andre Catholic High School in Markham. Abissheka’s interest should not simply be viewed through a single lens. Her involvement and participation in various sports activities such as basketball, badminton, volleyball, swimming and yoga brought her many awards for each of these sports. Not to be outdone as an astute student, Abissheka promptly brought her signature into studies, by winning the Honour-Roll in Grade 8, 9 and 10. In order to find natural staging for her inborn talents and to set an example for everyone – she raised the bar on her own accomplishments. Her remarkable entry into modeling, starting with the fashion show at OHM wedding show in 2011 was a huge success. She attracted interest from various modeling and fashion agencies of local South Asian and Canadian spectra, which resulted in her appearing in many commercials for the same. On Oct 30th 2011, Abissheka was crowned as “Miss Tamil Toronto 2011 - Queen of All Angles”. She was also crown as “Miss South Asia 2012 - runner up” and “Beauties of Asia 2013 - 3rd runner up” in previous pageants.The multi talented Abissheka's passion was not simply restricted to her own advancement and relay of her talents, but more so on giving back to the community and society that she very much appreciates and adores. Her involvement with kids with disabilities and her coaching of swimming, dance, violin and music to young kids is her natural embodiment of her inner spirit.


2013 Royal Court:

1st Princess: Taralyn Shae Donohue
(Miss Teen Saskatchewan- Globe 2013)

2nd Princess: Hannah Bremner
(Miss Teen Alberta- Globe 2013)

3rd Princess: Amber Coles
(Miss Teen Greater Vancouver Region- Globe 2013)

4th PrincessL Michaela Lyn Zinsmeister 
(Miss Teen Northern Ontario- Globe 2013)

Past Title Holders:

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