Arianna Laya- Garcia, Miss Teen Canada Globe 2016/ 17
(Miss Teen Ontario- Globe 2016/17)

  2016 Royal Court:

1st Princess: Shaquiera Hamilton
(Miss Teen Southern Ontario- Globe 2016/ 17)

2nd Princess: Kaila Bourque
(Miss Teen Southern Quebec- Globe 2016/17)

3rd Princess: Emily Greene
(Miss Teen Western Newfoundland and Labrador- Globe 2016/17)
National Title: Miss Teen Canadian- World City Queen 2016/ 17
Represented Canada at the 2016 World Miss Teen City Queen Pageant in Dominican Republic
International Title: 1st Runner- Up, World Miss Teen City Queen 2016/ 17

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4th Princess: Tianna Lizotte
(Miss Teen Northern Alberta- Globe 2016/17)

5th Princess: Chantel Caza
(Miss Teen Nunavut- Globe 2016/17)
National Title: Miss Teen Canadian- Wonderland International 2017/18
Will represent Canada at the 2017 Miss Teen Wonderland International in Florida, USA.

Past Title Holders:

Carley Wheelans, Miss Teen Canada Globe 2015/16
(Miss Teen Ontario- Globe 2015/16)

Jenny Le Blanc, Miss Teen Canada Globe 2014/ 2015
(Miss Teen New Brunswick- Globe 2014/15)

Abissheka Lloydson, Miss Teen Canada Globe 2013/14
(Miss Teen Ontario- Globe 2013/14)
-Winner of Miss Teen Tourism Intercontinental 2015
-Semifinalist at Miss Princess of the World 2015

Kaitlin Cross, Miss Teen Canada Globe 2012/ 2013
(Miss Teen Saskatchewan- Globe 2012)
-represented Canada at Miss Globe 2014

Brittany Doleman, Miss Teen Canada Globe 2011/ 2012                                                    (Miss Teen Hamilton Region- Globe 2011)
-Winner of Miss Young of the World 2012

Ashna Dhalla, Miss Teen Canada Globe 2010/ 2011
(Miss Teen Manitoba- Globe 2010)

Paulina Chan, Miss Teen Canada Globe 2009/2010
(Miss Teen Central Ontario- Globe 2009)
-Represented Canada at Miss Motors International 2012

Angela Fermani, Miss Teen Canada Globe 2008/ 2009
(Miss Teen District of Maple- Globe 2008)
* Winner of Miss Teen Worldwide 2009
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Paisley Mc Nab, Miss Teen Canada Globe 2007/ 2008
(Miss Teen Southern Ontario- Globe 2007)
*Winner of Miss Teen Worldwide 2008

Cali Tanner, Miss Teen Canada Globe 2006/ 2007
(Miss Teen Durham Region- Globe 2006)
*Placed Second Runner- Up, Miss Teen World 2007)
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Laura Leigh, Miss Teen Canada Globe 2005/2006
(Miss Teen Barrie- Globe 2005)
*Placed Third Runner- Up, Miss Teen World 2006)
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Daniela Rojas, Miss Teen Canada Globe 2004/ 2005
(Miss Teen Brampton- Globe 2004)
* Winner of Miss Teenager World 2004
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Jennifer Hing, Miss Teen Canada Globe 2003/2004
(Miss Teen Newmarket- Globe 2003)


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